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WHY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS? |  On the beautiful campus of St. Mark School stands a statue of Jesus who gazes lovingly at the children who surround him. The inscription on the base of the statue reads, "Let the children come to me."  

At St. Mark School, this bible verse embodies what we are called to do as educators and followers of Christ. We hope to lead your children to Christ and bring to them all the love, goodness, and glory that Jesus gives to those who love him.  

The motto of St. Mark School is, "Learn and Bring Christ to the World." Our highly qualified and dedicated team of professional educators strive to provide your children with instruction in all subjects with the knowledge that all things relate to God who has given us the gifts of his creation to appreciate with our care and respect. Children can explore the rich areas of science, reading, math, social studies and religion and discover the deeper meanings of  the gifts of knowledge that they acquire and how they can be applied for the greater good of the community and the world.    

Parents entrust their children to us with for many reasons. They are seeking an education home that will instill a strong sense of Catholic identity for their children. Catholic schools employ a higher set of academic standards and work ethic that will help to give their children the life skills necessary to succeed in high school and life beyond school. They know that a faith-filled classroom will provide their children with a moral compass and values to last a lifetime. Catholic schools provide a safe, secure, and disciplined environment for children to grow and thrive.  Children who enroll in a Catholic schools are more likely to be successful in gaining admission to college and in their lifetime earn a salary greater than their public school counterparts. In addition, Catholic school graduates are more compelled to emerge as leaders in society and called to give back through service as would graduates from public institutions.  

Please allow us the opportunity to share with you more of the reasons why Catholic Schools and St. Mark are special places for your children to learn.