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TECHNOLOGY | St. Mark School believes in the importance of integration of technology in all facets of our curriculum.  St. Mark is equipped with 1 computer lab operating with Chromeboxes, projection systems in every classroom, and access to different technology in all grade levels.  In 2017, St. Mark was awarded a grant from the Knott Foundation to improve technology for students and teachers.  This project has allowed us to upgrade our wireless networks and provide a wealth of technology for our students and teachers to access regularly across the curriculum.

Technology Instruction

St. Mark School’s computer lab is equipped with 30 computers using the Chrome Operating System as well as both color and black/white laser printers.  Students in grades K-5 participate in formal technology classes once a week for 45 minutes.  Teachers of grades 6-8 work closely with the Technology Director on technology specific projects, preparing them for high school and beyond.  Students in the middle school also benefit from a STEM-specific course once a week with the Technology Director.

Students in all grades are taught technology skills using the Archdiocesan Course of Study.  Students learn the technical skills necessary to achieve integration of technology in order to prepare them for high school and college. These are critical skills that will be required in this demanding and constantly changing technical environment.  Students use mostly Google Applications, but also have regularly access and exposure to Microsoft Office, Internet Search Engines, Virtual Field Trips, and much more.  Teachers utilize tools like Edmodo, Class Dojo, and also many apps on the iPads for students use.

Students in all grades are provided with student emails for school use that provide a way for students to access Google Classroom, Adobe Spark, and a variety of other learning tools identified by our teachers to be beneficial for students in specific grade levels.


Thanks to the generous donation of our Home School Association we have created a STEM/Makerspace in the Media Lab.  Among the new purchases are: 3 3D printers, 12 Sphero Robots, 2 Lego Mindstorm Robots, 4 circuit sets,  and 30 Ozobots for coding. In addition, we also have one video camera and equipment  with the plans to provide morning announcements through video as well as allowing for students to create various video projects.  Within the Makerspace we also have puzzles, coding games, craft supplies and recycled materials.  

Grades Prek4 -Grade 5 have a designated Makerspace and computer special.  Grades 6-8 follow the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Technology Curriculum with an additional STEM Curriculum in the Makerspace.  


Technology in Classrooms

Each classroom is equipped with a projection system and whiteboard for large group instruction.  There are several classrooms in which students benefit from interactive whiteboard technology.  Students in grades 3-8  benefit from a 1:1 Chromebook program, in which students are able to utilize a device provided by St. Mark during the school day.    Finally, our elementary students have access to iPads in each classroom (7:1), regular access to the computer lab, and the opportunity to work with Chromebooks as requested.  We also have a set of kindle e-readers for students who benefit from auditory learning environment. 



St. Mark School teachers use Pearson’s PowerSchool, an electronic grade book. Because this is an Internet-based program, grade 3-8 parents/guardians and students have access to students’ grades.  This allows for effective communication among the teachers, parents/guardians, and students.


Future plans for technology include but are not limited to:
  • updated and standardized projector/whiteboard configurations in each classroom

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