St. Mark | Siena Program

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SIENA PROGRAM | St. Catherine of Sienna was born in Italy in 1347. As a young child, she began to have visions of guardian angels and was able to see them clearly as the people they protected. At age 16, now in the Dominican order, she continued to have visions of Christ, Mary and the saints. St. Catherine had no formal education but she is considered to have been one of the most brilliant theological minds of her time. She is one of only three women to have been named a Doctor of the Church. 


It is fitting that we name our program for Academically Talented Students in her honor. 


Students in grades 4-8 who qualify for the program using the three ring model of gifted behavior: above average ability, creativity, and task commitment. Students may qualify for an accelerated curriculum in math and/or reading/literature.


Using differentiated instruction within the regular classroom such as curriculum compacting, tiered instruction, independent projects and curriculum acceleration, students in the program are encouraged to develop their full potential. 


Using Christ as our model, we seek to serve all students, including those to whom much has been given. Of them, much will be expected, and we are committed to preparing them to take a leadership role in the future.