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                   3 Half-Days (Tues,Wed,Thurs)                                       5 Full-Days or 5 Half-Days

Our curriculum for 3-year-olds recognizes that children are active learners. Our preschool programs utilize organized and free-play activities intended to provide opportunities for the child to interact, explore and relate successfully in his/her environment. Our PreK 3 day begins at 8:30am and concludes at 11:30am.

Our preschool program uses a multi-sensory, "hands-on" learning approach to teach fine motor, auditory and visual skills by using center time, books, songs, technology and art. Students regularly participate in crafts, outdoor play, show and tell, music, story times and free play.

Our early childhood programs (Pre-K 3's & 4's) align with our mission to foster Christian values in the tradition of the Catholic Church.  We strive to instill self- confidence and intellectual curiosity through instruction based on the individual learners’ strengths.  


Our goal at St. Mark Preschool is to provide:


  • A warm caring environment that helps develop independence, confidence and a love of learning.

  • Hands on, age appropriate activities that help foster the social/emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive and language development of each child.

  • An enriching  curriculum that engages children to learn through exploring and using all of their senses.

  • Every child the opportunity to develop the important skills necessary to become successful life-long learners.

  • An introduction into their Catholic Faith in an age appropriate manner.

To schedule a visit please call 410-744-6560 ext. 249 or the main school office at x 2. 

3-Year-Old Program

4-Year-Old Program