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PowerSchool ACCESS | PowerSchool, an internet-based student information system (SIS), tracks a wealth of student information, including grades, attendance records, school schedules, and class schedules. School administrators and teachers enter this data into PowerSchool where it is stored. The entire system can be accessed by those who are authorized anywhere at anytime in the world through an internet browser.





PowerSchool Parent Access Waiver Form


PowerSchool Instructions:

  • Parent Portal

    • Now parents will be able to log in once PowerSchool and access all of their children’s information.

    • Even if you have only one student, you will need to complete this process to view the student’s information.

  • Accessing Account

  • Creating Account

    • Fill in all the details provided from your student’s school.

    • Be sure to input an “User Name” & “Password” you will remember.

  • Parent Access App

    • Download the Parent App from the link within the Parent Portal, or

    • Access the iTunes store to download PowerSchool for Parents.