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PBIS Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports 

St.  Mark has adopted the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports model to create a nurturing environment throughout the school. Utilizing our school mascot of the Lion as our anchor, we have created expectations of good social behavior for our students to follow and emulate.  In each area of the school, (bathrooms, cafeteria, church,  classrooms, hallways and recess) there are specified rules that follow the anchor code.  Posters and banners detailing these rules serve as a gentle reminder to the students.   The desired behaviors are taught and reviewed on a daily basis, as well as recited in the morning announcements.  As a school, we consistently follow the guidelines set forth by the PBIS program.  The PBIS team attends professional development courses and reviews our practices to ensure that we are meeting our desired  goals.   When the goals are met, whether in a classroom, grade level, grade level grouping or school-wide, we enjoy a celebration as a reward for our successful efforts.  

We are St. Mark ... We: 

  • Listen and Learn

  • Imitate Christ

  • Organize and Be Ready

  • Nurture Others

  • Show Respect 

In practicing positive behavior reinforcement, all staff members carry color coded "paw" reward tickets with them to provide to students found to be displaying one of the anchor attributes we encourage.   At the end of the week, all the reward tickets  are placed in a drawing.  The grade level winners can choose from an array of coupons granting them a special privilege. 


 In June 2016, St. Mark School earned the first tier Bronze Level Award for a Maryland PBIS school.  We are continuing our good work towards the second level Silver Award.  

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