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OUR FACULTY & STAFF | Contact information


Principal: Mrs. Stephanie Rattell |

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Terry Ferro |

Business Manager: Mrs. Nora Reiter | 

Admissions Director: Mrs. Katie Stover |

Secretary: Mrs. Jeanine Kaminski |

Social-Emotional Teacher:  Ms. Carly Read |

Nurse: Ms. Theresa Murphy |

Building Manager: Mr. Dwight Smith |

Maintenance: Mr. Will Cole |

Maintenance: Ms. Maria Perez-Lara

Technology Director: Mrs. Keri Engel |

Art/Library: Ms. Taylor Stillings |

Music: Mrs. Tessie Riebling |

Physical Education: Mr. Jeff Orsburn |

Pre-K 3: Mrs. Maureen Phelps |

Pre-K 3 Aide:  Mrs. Lisa Olsen, Mrs. Mary Brent Van Wyngaarden

Pre-K 4 A: Mrs. Candie Morea |

Pre-K 4A Aide: Mr. Jeff Javier |

Prek4 B: Mrs. Kathy Majerowicz |

Prek4 B Aide:  Mrs. Laurie Becker |

Kindergarten A: Mrs. Michele Taylor |

Kindergarten B: Mrs. Laura Sanders |

Grade 1A: Mrs. Ann Johnson |

Grade 1B: Ms. Megan Workman |

Grade 2A: Mrs. Ginger Nalley |

Grade 2B:  Mrs. Linda Ross |

Grade 3A: Ms. Kathleen Malcotti |

Grade 3B: Sr. Teresa Leimbach |

Grade 4A: Ms. Juliana D'Alessandro |

Grade 4B: Ms. Olivia McCarthy |

PRIDE Aide: Mrs. Noreen Stinson |

Grade 5A: Ms. Melissa Fosnaught |

Grade 5B: Ms. Meghan Fennessy |

Grade 6A: Mrs. Karen Huppmann |

Grade 6B: Mr. Carl Berger |

PRIDE Aide: Mrs. Noreen Stinson |

Grade 7A/PRIDE: Mrs. Barbara McDonald

Grade 7B: Mrs. Kate Le |

Grade 8A: Mrs. Christine Barrett |

Grade 8B: Mrs. Kelly Updike |

Middle School Math: Mrs. Kelly Gage |

Before/After Care:  Mrs. Sharon Howard | 


Total Enrollment in 2018-2019: (Preschool 3 through Grade 8) 345

  • Average Class Size:

    • Preschool 3 yr: 15 students per session

    • Preschool 4 yr: 16 students per session

    • Grades K-2: 20

    • Grades 3-8: 22

    • Administrators: 2

    • Average faculty teaching experience: 18 years

  • Administrative Staff: 2

  • Support Staff: 2 

  • Full-Time Teachers: 25

    • Average faculty tenure at St. Mark: 8 years

    • Faculty holding Bachelor’s Degree: 100%

    • Faculty holding Master’s Degree: 48%

    • Faculty working towards Master’s Degree: 40%

  • Part-Time Teachers: 4

  • Teaching Assistants: 7

  • Part-Time Speech Teacher: 1

  • Full-Time Registered Nurse: 1

  • Part-Time Guidance Counselor: 1


*Figures are based upon 2018-2019 enrollment



St. Mark School is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and is accredited by the AdvancedEd Association of Colleges and Schools  and through the Office of Archdiocesan Catholic Schools of Baltimore and its Superintendent. 

In May 2013, Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education awarded St. Mark Green School Status. The Maryland Green School Awards Program is a framework for a holistic, integrated approach to authentic learning that incorporates local environmental issue investigation and professional development with environmental best management practices and community stewardship.



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