St. Mark | Middle School 6-8

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MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6-8 | We Are St. Mark!  

Students in middle school  have developed bonding friendships over the course of their school life at St. Mark  and look forward to a future filled with new educational opportunities and enriching personal achievements.  

Middle School at St. Mark School is a time for preparation for the successful transition to high school.  Students embark on a school year filled with the possibilities of various school clubs (link to school clubs), athletic endeavors, and other outlets for expressing creativity and individuality.  Students are taught responsibility towards each other, their neighbor and God's creations.

Some of the grade specific activities that promote school spirit and enhance friendships include  the following:

Grade 6                                                                                                   (Grade 6-8 Lunch time 12:15-12:45) 
Team Challenge Field Trip and Class Gatherings

In the beginning of the year, Grade 6 students are presented with new challenges. Teachers in the middle school help the students to become experts in organization, to study proficiently, and to specialize in packing efficiently for switching classes every period.  In order to help create camaraderie and instill self-confidence for facing new situations, the school arranges a special team challenge field trip to experience exciting adventures, team building challenges, and to develop self-esteem.

Grade 7
Diving into Literature 
The seventh grade year is rich with literature.  Students study a few of Shakespeare’s plays, including MacBeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Through this they are able to learn the schematic for writing a sonnet, eventually writing their own!  Students also study about social justice in the United States and world through the examination of a current novel and connections to their social studies course.

Grade 8

Watershed Study and Celebration of Accomplishments

As a part of their science curriculum, students participate in a Chesapeake Bay Foundation field trip to the Philip Merrill Center.  They canoe, sail on a finish boat, dredge for oysters, seine for fish, and conduct water quality tests.  At the culmination of their time at St. Mark, students delight in presentations during the 8th Grade Farewell Assembly, enjoy a luncheon with their favorite teachers (past at present), and share a trip to Hershey Park before graduation.