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LUNCH PROGRAM | St. Mark offers a hot lunch option on Mondays and Wednesday through the LUNCH BOX PROGRAM. Visit their website at for additional information.  

Once a month on the second Tuesdays, we offer a hot dog lunch.   The cost is $1.50 for a hot dog and bag of chips. 


Tuesdays are also our ice cream treat day.  Each student is allowed to purchase an ice cream treat for .50 cents or pay $17.00 for the year. 
Every Thursday is "Pizza Day".  Slices of cheese pizza are $2.00 each. 

All of these optional lunch offerings are provided to students on pre-paid basis only.  Look for order forms online under All School Forms, or download the forms attached to the weekly St. Mark Lionthrough the email blasts system for announcements and events.  

MILK | St. Mark also offers a daily milk drink option.  Milk payment can be made in September for the entire year. The choices include 2% white and chocolate. Label an envelope with your child's name, homeroom and choice to the school office. The price for 2019-2020 is $20.00/year.