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CURRICULUM | St. Mark School delivers its curriculum and instructional program in concert with the Archdiocesan Course of Studies and the regulations of the Maryland State Department of Education for non-public schools.  A copy of the entire curriculum may be reviewed by appointment in the school office.  


Everything we do in St. Mark is centered on our Catholic faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christian values are practiced, reinforced and rewarded every day and throughout the day through prayer and encouragement of positive behavior. The faculty supports the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the students.  We believe in educating the whole child through age-appropriate lessons to develop skills necessary for the 21st century learner in today's world.  


All students receive instruction in the following core classes:  

  • Religion

  • Language Arts    (link to Course Curriculum by Grade Level Guide) 

    • English   

    • Reading/Literature   

    • Spelling (Grades 1-4)   

    • Spelling/Vocabulary (Grades 5-8)   

    • Penmanship (Grades K-4)   

    • Phonics (Grades K-3)  

  • Mathematics  (link to Course Curriculum by Grade Level Guide) 

  • Social Studies

  • Science


Students attend each of these classes on a weekly basis except as noted below: 

  • Art

  • Library (Grades K-8)

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • World Language Instruction through the Rosetta Stone Language Program 

  • STEM Makerspace 

  • Technology 


Students in grades preK-3 are in self-contained classrooms and remain with their teachers all day except for the specials classes.


Differentiated instruction is provided in the classroom in order to challenge students who are excelling and support to students who need extra help as well to foster cooperative learning among the students to assist and encourage each other in the learning process.